Mason FS Soleil Tombé
Mason FS Soleil Tombé
Mason FS Soleil Tombé
Mason FS Soleil Tombé
Mason FS Soleil Tombé
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Mason FS Soleil Tombé

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Mason FS Soleil Tombé 

The Desert Tree and the Dazzling Scarlet

Amidst the desert sands, stand heroes in towering stature, while beauties repose within crimson silk tents. The resonance of silk echoes like a symphony, enveloped in a majestic aura. 

The recently developed hybrid pressurized bone conduction system is crafted with meticulous care. Initially appearing subtle and soft, it reveals its inherent power and dynamism upon closer scrutiny. A fusion of tradition and technology, a collision of classical and rock elements converge in the Mason FS Soleil Tombé — a soulful masterpiece.


 Presenting the latest UM FS series, Soleil Tombé, showcasing shells adorned with desert cactus and cinnabar red. This harmonious combination yields a majestic and refined aesthetic, seamlessly blending tradition and elegance. The encounter between the desert tree and vibrant scarlet signifies the integrity of music, striking a balance between strength and softness. The result is a bold and charming appeal that captivates with its allure.

 BC-Turbo Micro Booster + Frequency Shift Bone Conduction Driver

BC-Turbo Micro Booster — A unique electroacoustic motor

 Since UM introduced the world's first single-vibration piezoelectric bone conduction HIFI IEMs in 2019, the concept of bone conduction has garnered continuous love from customers. Over the past five years, UM, at the forefront of bone conduction technology, has ceaselessly explored and launched various patented bone conduction drivers. These innovations include dual sides bone conduction, OBC coil-based bone conduction, silver-palladium alloy bone conduction, and frequency shift enhanced piezoelectric bone conduction.


Enhancing the technology of bone conduction drivers themselves has proven challenging, with limitations in process, size, internal structure, and installation volume. Major improvements at the driver level are nearly impossible to achieve. Recognizing this, since the development of frequency shift bone conduction, we understood the need to transcend the single-driver level and focus on a system-level approach to provide a dedicated electroacoustic system for bone conduction drivers.

 Over the past two years, we delved into various solutions and experimented with different materials, culminating in the creation of the BC-Turbo Micro Booster. This revolutionary booster elevates bone conduction from a single acoustic driver to a comprehensive electroacoustic system, achieving a remarkable 20 times stable audio signal boost. The BC-Turbo booster incorporates a high-precision ultra-thin frame, measuring only 0.15mm in thickness. By maximizing the winding area in the smallest controllable physical space, we ensure high conversion efficiency.

 The BC-Turbo Booster boasts a 20 times primary-stage conversion ratio, providing a significant audio signal boost and amplification. Utilizing the ultra-high magnetic loop efficiently and losslessly transmits primary-stage energy, robustly driving the audio load.


 BC-Turbo Micro Booster

FreqShift Bone Conduction Driver Vibration Testing Curve(Green)


Vibration Test Curve Of FreqShift Bone Conduction Driver+BC-Turbo Micro Booster(Red)

 The BC-Turbo Micro Booster stands out with its compact size and potent driving energy. Setting it apart from conventional boosters in the market, it is meticulously crafted specifically for the FreqShift bone conduction driver. Illustrated in the diagram, incorporating the BC-Turbo booster into traditional bone conduction significantly enhances the bone conduction vibration frequency, optimizing its performance. Rigorous testing has demonstrated a notable improvement in sound quality when the BC-Turbo Booster is combined with the FreqShift bone conduction.

 In comparison to standard bone conduction systems, this hybrid bone conduction setup introduces unprecedented sound penetration and coherence. The addition of a small motor enhances the rhythm, rendering it more rhythmic, while also imparting a textured quality to the sound.

 FreqShift Bone Conduction Driver and Frequency Shift Technology Updates

 Frequency Shift Technology

 Human hearing typically spans from 20 to 20,000 Hz, with reduced sensitivity to sounds below 20 Hz and above 20 kHz. Frequency shift technology adjusts the device's resonance point to within 20 kHz, enhancing sensitivity in the original application environment and optimizing the mixed audio effects across the 20-20,000 Hz range.


The FreqShift bone conduction driver, a novel creation by UM tailored for the human hearing frequency range, is refined from dual-side bone conduction and coil-type bone conduction. Utilizing high-temperature conductive palladium paste and a pure copper substrate, it refines the resonance point within 20 kHz. This refinement leads to heightened sensitivity, stability, and vibration comfort.


 FreqShift Bone Conduction Driver Diagram


Virtual Effect Of FreqShift Bone Conduction Driver

Perseverance and Perfection

Unique Melody engineers have conducted repeated experiments, rigorous calculations, and tuning and listening sessions to create a hybrid bone conduction system that combines a BC-Turbo Micro Booster and a FreqShift bone conduction driver. With inspiration and action echoing each other, the results of the development and in-depth research over the years have produced a unique masterpiece for the next generation of the Mason series.


Introducing the new flagship First Times Shielding Pro headphone cable, a custom-designed cable tailored for the Mason FS flagship. The First Times Shielding Pro elevates the listening experience with a quieter background, more vivid treble, and a fuller sound compared to the First Times cable. Utilizing a novel ultra-high pressure copper material as the conductor and featuring the highest grade Shielding Pro structure, this cable builds upon the foundation of the First Times, enhancing the shielding effect with four independent shielding layers. The result is a natural sound with highly restored details, complemented by charming vocals, thrilling dynamics, and an expansive soundstage. Immerse yourself in music that becomes more distinctive under the starry night.

 Gogh Bag  Leather Case

Showcasing a range of luxurious and precious leathers

Crafted from an array of exquisite leathers, the Gogh Bag Leather Case features Italian shoulder leather, Italian cowhide, and Indian chrome-tanned leather.

The yellow segment of the case utilizes Italian shoulder leather, celebrated for its high hardness and scratch resistance. The navy blue section is crafted from Italian cowhide, prized for its soft and supple nature. Both leathers are meticulously produced by the esteemed Italian leather factory "CONCERIA IL PONTE," employing proprietary methods. The leather surface undergoes a specialized treatment for a smooth texture, stain resistance, and a slow aging process.

 The deep blue leather in the case is sourced from Indian chrome-tanned leather, renowned for its vibrant color and soft texture. With a thickness ranging from 1.5 to 2mm, the case boasts durability and sturdiness.

The symbolism of the Gogh Bag Leather Case

The predominant colors of the Gogh Bag Leather Case are shades of blue and purple, complemented by a golden moon. A swirling nebula, featuring a distinctive design, adds a unique touch. Inspired by the masterpiece "Starry Night," the case's design incorporates the curling nebula and serene deep blue, creating a contrasting tone. In this emotionally rich world, colors become a canvas for expressing the artist's voice.

HIFI Portable

Tailored for HIFI enthusiasts, this versatile bag features multiple compartments designed to accommodate DAPs, headphones, Bluetooth devices, mobile phones, and more. With its multifunctional design, it serves as a single bag for various purposes.


Gogh Bag Leather Case 


Shell Case



Mason FS Soleil Tombé

BA + BC-Turbo Micro Booster & FreqShift Bone Conduction Driver

13 Drivers

2Pin Socket



5-Way Crossover

4 Bass Drivers + 4 Mids Drivers + 2 Mid-Treble Drivers + 2 Treble Drivers +1 BC-Turbo Micro Booster &  FreqShift Bone Conduction Driver

UM’s First Times Shielding Pro Red Custom Cable


 Packaging List

Mason FS Soleil Tombé IEMs x 1 Pair,

UM's First Times Shielding Pro Red Custom Cable,

Gogh Bag Leather Case, Shell Case, Oval Clamp, Ring Clamp,UM Purple Canvas Tote Bag,Warranty Card,Changeable Filter, High-Grade Cleaning Cloth,

Earphone & Earphone Cable & Leather Case Maintenance Guidelines,

AZLA SednaEarfit Xelastec SS | MS | M,

UM Silicone Ear Tips S | M | L