MEST Indigo
MEST Indigo
MEST Indigo
MEST Indigo
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MEST Indigo

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MEST Indigo


High End HIFI Earphone Milestone New Product

The earphone revolution has begun! The MEST Indigo, delivering a dreamland of sound quality and color combination. 

In her wonderful indigo blue shell, decorated with 3D Pinewood Faceplate, she charms everywhere she goes. With the Indigo’s noise blocking feature, immerse yourself in the sound of nature.


New Technology Innovation

4EST+DD+BA+dBC-s Patented Technology

Experience New Transient Reactions and Sensitivity

New Static Is Coming, Extraordinary Ultra-High Frequency  

Indigo Carbon Fiber Shells

3D Sapphire Pinewood Faceplates 

Upgraded UM Copper M3 Cable

Upper-grade OCC Cores, High Fidelity Sound Quality


3D Explosion Diagram



Aircraft-Grade Carbon Fiber Shells


The shells of MEST Indigo are made of Indigo Carbon Fiber and 3D Pinewood Faceplates Assembled in Bronze Frame. They shine like Sapphire.


  • MEST Indigo uses Aircraft-Grade Carbon Fiber, precious material often used in aerospace equipment and medical equipment.

  • Aircraft-Grade Carbon Fiber is very hard, and so it takes more than 12 hours to process each pair of shells.

  • The faceplates are made of Stabilized Fruit Wood, a blend  of pinecones and resin. After stabilization, the faceplates are then cut by CNC technology.

  • The pinecone panel adopts 3D radian design, which is smooth and rich with a three-dimensional feeling.

  • The faceplates are coated with metal frame, golden frame foil sapphire - like pinecone faceplates, noble and elegant.


From shells to faceplates, the indigo carbon fiber is flickering and mysterious. The shells are lightweight and comfortable to wear.


Replaceable Filter Design

In anticipation of the problem that the metal filter may get dirty and needs to be replaced, MEST Indigo's filter adopts a twist installation design. You can install new filters at any time without borrowing any tools, which is convenient and safe.



4EST+DD+BA+dBC-s Dual Sides Bone Conduction

9+1 Groundbreaking Driver Configuration


9 Traditional Acoustic Drivers + dBC-s Bone Conduction System


The driver system of MEST Indigo is composed of 1 Dynamic driver, 4 Balanced Armature divers, 4 Electrostatics drivers and 1 dBC-s Bone Conduction System. The transient response is faster, the distortion is further controlled, and the frequency response range breadth is soaring again.

Instantly capture millisecond sound quality. Insane details retrieval.

4 EST drivers further extend the ultra-high frequency. The dynamic driver is handling bass, BA is handling mid to treble, dBC-s system refines the entire frequency range.

The MEST Indigo is second to none in the performance of airiness and sound quality excellence.



UM Copper M3 Custom Cable

Transparent and Fluid Sound, Great Airiness, Excellent Detail Retrieval 


Coating Material:  PVC Shielding and Nylon Protective Sleeve

Wire Material:OCC Copper Wires and Isolator

Wire Gauge: 22 AWG

Wire Counts: 4 Wires and 4 Isolation Layers

Sound Performance: High

Softness: High

Anti-interference: Medium

Level: High-end

Environmental Friendly Level:High


MEST Indigo is equipped with UM Copper M3 Custom cable. UM Copper M3 is specially designed for MEST Indigo, and it is composed of 4 cores upper grade OCC wires. The wires are coated by eco-friendly navy PVC sleeve. Brand new bronze metal Y-splitter and slider echo with the metal frames on the faceplates.

Plugs are available in 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm.




MEST Indigo bone conduction driver

The bone conduction driver now shares a larger conduction area with the shell (double sides conduct with the shell), which vastly increases the transmission efficiency and sensitivity.


MEST Indigo BA+ Bone Conduction—Wider Frequency Response Range, Higher Sensitivity.

The bone conduction driver now shares a larger conduction area with the shell (double sides conduct with the shell), which vastly increases the transmission efficiency and sensitivity.

dBC-s has an effective frequency response range from 500Hz to 20kHz, which carries out a full-range refinement.



Premium Leather Case


MEST Indigo's navy-blue corrugated leather case is made from vegetable tanned leather imported from Italy.

This leather will gradually change the shade of leather according to each person's usage habits.

The leather case is not only easy to look at, but also has a soft and delicate feel.



Working Principle Of Bone Conduction

The bone conduction drivers are made using metal vibration pieces that are covered by piezoelectric ceramics. The ceramic layers will bend the metal vibration pieces to make micro-vibrations according to the changes of input alternating voltage.


More Comprehensive Hearing Experience Using Bone Conduction And Air Conduction


The sound of bone conduction:

After scientific demonstration, the sound that transmits vibration to the inner ear through teeth and skull is the sound transmitted by bone. For example, the sound heard when eating, drinking or scratching your head.

MEST Indigo applies bone conduction technology and transmits a specific frequency range by vibrating the shells' inner parts. The sound will bypass the nozzles and deliver music directly to your inner ears via skull contact.




Path: AV signal-Bone Conduction Drivers- Skull- Cochlea- Acoustic Nerve




Product Name: MEST Indigo 

Headphone Type:  9 Traditional Acoustic Drivers +dBC-s Bone Conduction System

Driver  Counts:   10 Drivers

Sensitivity:   @1kHz-118dB

Frequency Response Range:  20Hz-70kHz

Socket:   2-pin Socket

Shells:   Indigo Carbon Fiber + 3D Pinewood Faceplate

Crossover:  5-way Crossover

Impedance:    13.2Ω

Configuration:    1 Dynamic Bass Driver + 2 BA Mid Drivers+ 2 BA treble Drivers +
4 EST Ultra-High Drivers +1 Full Range Dual Sides Bone Conduction Driver

Cable:  UM M3 22AWG Upper-Grade OCC Custom Cable


Packaging And Accessories

Headphones:  One pair of MEST Indigo

Cable:  UM Copper M3 Cable

Case:  UM “ESP" Double Drawer Black Gift Box

Carrying Case:  Dignis Leather Case

Warranty Card:  Warranty Card

Others:   Premium Grey Cleaning Pad

Eartips:  AZLA SednaEarfit Xelastec  SS/MS/M+silicone  S/M/L 

Storage clip:  Storage device