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UM Universal MEST MKII


  • dBC-s Dual Sides Bone Conduction System
  • Carbon Fiber + Gold Foil
  • Quadbrid Design



Driver Types
Dynamic + Balanced Armature + Electrostatics (EST) +Bone Conduction (Dual Sides Bone Conduction), 4-Way Quadbrid
Driver Counts
7+1(7 Traditional Drivers + Dual Sides Bone Conduction System)
@1KHz 112 DBs
Frequency Response
Cable Sockets
2-Pin Flat
One Piece Carbon Fiber + Gold Foil
5-Way Crossover
Driver Configuration
1 Dynamic Bass Driver + 2 BA Mid Drivers+ 2 BA Treble Drivers +2 EST Ultra High Drivers + 1 Full Range B2 Bone Conduction Driver
UM Copper M2 Cable Custom Cable
Ear Tips AZLA SednaEarfit Xelastec SS | MS | M




dBC-s in MEST MKII vs

Bone Conduction Driver in the MEST Both sensitivity and response range is significantly improved.

MEST MKII uses double sides piezoelectric bone conduction driver. The driver is placed in between two supporting plates. At the center of the driver is the vibration board covered by ceramic coating on both the front and back.


The bone conduction driver is now has a larger contacting area with the shells (double sides contact with the shell), which largely increased the transmission efficiency and sensitivity.

dBC-s has an effective frequency response range from 500Hz to 20K Hz, which carries out a full-range refinement.



One Piece Carbon Fiber Shell

One Piece Carbon Fiber Shell—The Bone Conduction Driver's effectiveness depends on the fitting coherence and skin contact. MEST MKII utilized an ergonomic shell design for universal shells, improved the compactness significantly. The shell itself is also smaller and lighter.

Driver Configuration Design

MEST MKII utilized a quadbrid design. It uses a dynamic driver for the bass, which usually has a more natural-sounding bass than the Balanced Armature bass solution.  However, Balanced Armature drivers have the advantages in resolutions, especially for Mids and Treble.

Based on the DD plus BA hybrid design, we added two electrostatics drivers for Ultra-High Treble extension. Finally, the freshly upgraded dBC-S Dual Sides Bone Conduction System carries out a full-range refinement. The frequency range of MEST MKII can reach as high as 70kHz.

The Upgraded Metal Vents

The upgraded metal vents with the brand-new design ensure exact the same amount of air flow go into the driver house from the back end, which reveals the full potential of the dynamic driver.

Working Principle Of Bone Conduction

The bone conduction drivers are made by metal vibration pieces that are covered by piezoelectric ceramics. The ceramic layers will bend the metal vibration pieces to make micro-vibrations according to the changes of input alternating voltage.

More Comprehensive Hearing Experience Of Bone Conduction And Air Conduction

The sound of bone conduction:

When we eat a biscuit, we hear it crack because vibrations are transmitted through our teeth and skulls to our inner ear. Bone conduction sounds can be heard as we eat, drink or scratch our heads.

 Early application:

Ludwig van Beethoven, the famous 18th-century composer who was almost entirely deaf, discovered Bone Conduction. Beethoven found a way to hear the piano's sound through his jawbone by attaching a rod to his piano and clenching it in his teeth.

MEST MKII applies bone conduction technology and transmits a specific frequency range by vibrating the shells' inner parts. The sound will bypass the nozzles and directly deliver to your inner ears by contacting your skull skin.

Path: AV signal-Bone Conduction Drivers- Skull- Cochlea- Acoustic Nerve


UM Copper M2 Cable

Made in copper, Excellent flexibility, Metal Y-splitter and chin-slider. Added 4.4mm termination to the options. Environmental friendly coating material applied


Coating PVC
Material OCC
Gauge 24 AWG 4 cores
Sound quality High
Flexibility Middle
Anti-Noise High
Level High-End



Packaging And Accessories

Headphones:       One pair of MEST MKII

Cable:                   UM Copper M2 custom cable

Case:                     UM Geometrix Blue Box

Carrying Case:     Emerald  Leather Case

Warranty Card:    Warranty Card

Others:                  Premium Grey Cleaning Pad

                               Double Pocket Sandwich Net Bag

Eartips:                  AZLA SednaEarfit Xelastec  SS/MS/M

                              +Silicone  S/M/L

Storage clip:         Storage device