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UM Newest Release MEST MKIII CF
Four distinct exquisitely collocated drivers
Static enhancement, tuning optimization
UM patent Silver-Palladium Alloy PiezoelectricBone Conduction Driver
Available in both red and blue color ways
MEST MKIII CF Ignite the Sound's Boundaries


Dual Conduction

 UM has embraced a philosophy of relentless innovation and ongoing advancement ever since its inception. Devoting significant resources and effort to technology and research and development, we have dedicated nearly a decade to perfecting our IEM bone conduction technology. The result is a dual conduction system meticulously engineered to deliver unparalleled sound quality.


Four distinct exquisitely collocated drivers

 4EST+4Balanced Armature Drivers+1Dynamic Driver+1 UM patent Silver-Palladium Alloy Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Driver


With the MEST MKIII CF, you'll discover a fusion of four distinct driver types. Low frequencies are handled by a dynamic driver, while mid and high frequencies are delivered by BA drivers. Ultra-high frequencies are taken care of by an electrostatic driver, and the silver-palladium alloy piezoelectric bone conduction ensures complete frequency compensation. The outcome is exceptional layering and separation, delivering holographic imaging and captivating 3D presentation. Experience the profound resonance of impactful bass, the rich texture of the midrange, and the vivid brilliance of beautiful treble, reflected with precision and clarity. The MEST MKIII CF stands as a groundbreaking achievement in the realm of IEMs, captivating listeners with its flawless tuning and innovative driver configuration. At the core of its cohesiveness lies the silver-palladium alloy piezoelectric bone conduction driver, harnessing the bone conduction effect across the entire frequency spectrum. This integration results in a precisely balanced and immersive sound, offering a comprehensive and remarkable audio experience.


Static enhancement, tuning optimization 

By opting for an electrostatic driver, we enhance both the frequency response range and treble extension. This choice empowers the ear to capture intricate details of sounds that are typically imperceptible.
Equipped with four electrostatic drivers, the MEST MKIII CF delivers elevated sensitivity, minimal distortion, intricate detailing, and an enhanced perception of spaciousness.
Through its emphasis on bass details and quantity, the MEST MKIII CF accentuates critical nuances and imparts a vibrant and energetically rich sound.

The MEST MKIII CF employs bone conduction technology, harnessing the lateral vibrations of the cavity to directly transmit sound to the inner ear through contact with the skull, bypassing the traditional nozzle pathway. With an exceptional frequency response range spanning from 20Hz to 70kHz, the MEST MKIII CF exhibits remarkable versatility. The dynamic and BA drivers handle the 20Hz to 20kHz range, while the electrostatic drivers excel in the 10kHz to 70kHz range. The silver palladium alloy bone conduction system provides full frequency compensation between 500Hz to 16kHz. Through the harmonious interplay of air transmission and vibration transmission, the MEST MKIII CF delivers an entirely new dimension of sound quality. With its innovative and competitive features, the MEST MKIII CF stands out as a true audio marvel.


UM patent Silver-Palladium Alloy Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Driver 

The silver-palladium alloy piezoelectric bone conduction unit comprises 27 ceramic coatings, each measuring 23-25μm in thickness. To ensure optimal product performance, each bone conduction unit undergoes rigorous testing for capacitance, dielectric loss, displacement, and resonant frequency. The utilization of a high-temperature resistant conductive palladium paste allows for ceramics to be sintered at 980°C, ensuring exceptional performance and reliability. In contrast to the double vibrating bone conduction with 14 ceramic coatings, the silver-palladium alloy piezoelectric bone conduction driver offers multiple layers and increased thickness, enhancing the vibrational efficacy of bone conduction and delivering a distinct and superior sound experience.


Integrating all dividers on a gold-plated PCB board, the MEST MKIII CF achieves excellent stability and consistency while enhancing conductivity with its gold-plated surface. The circuit board incorporates high-precision components to ensure remarkable sound quality and robust stability.


Color Selection

Available in both red and blue color ways, the metal frame of the MEST MKIII CF

 showcases carbon fiber shells and fruitwood faceplates. The blue variant emanates tranquility and elegance, while the red variant exudes passion and liveliness. Each color possesses its own distinct qualities, evoking a sense of serenity or dynamism, relaxation or intensity.


The MEST MKIII CF is offered in two variations: a universal fit and a custom fit. The custom fit option provides the freedom to choose colors from the UM color plate and personalize the IEMs with a custom logo. Additionally, it is also possible to customize the style and color to match that of the universal fit version.

Reference resources “Customized color matching of MEST MKIII”


Custom Cable

The MEST MKIII CF incorporates newly designed cobalt blue and melon red shielding cables. These cables are crafted with a pure 4-core OCC copper construction, featuring a nylon sleeve and an environmentally friendly soft PVC coating. With a 26AWG gauge, these cables offer ultra-low resistance and minimal distortion, resulting in the utmost clarity and a remarkably clean audio backdrop. Terminals are available in 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm.

Sleeve and Coating Material : PVC+Nylon+FEP  
Conductor Material : OCC Copper
Conductor Gauge : 26AWG
Number of Conductors : 4

Introducing the novel experience of utilizing umbrella-shaped liquid silicone ear tips (made from food-grade material) for the very first time.


Crafted from a silicone material akin to that of baby pacifiers, UM Transparent Ear Tips are exquisitely soft and elastic, providing a snug fit close to the ear. These ear tips are available in two variants: the perforated Open Tips and the non-perforated Petal Tips, allowing for personalized replacements based on individual preferences. The Open Tips feature six edge holes, ensuring breathability and alleviating pressure. With their remarkable comfort, these ear tips can be worn for extended periods, while still maintaining awareness of ambient sounds. 



Product Name: MEST MKIII CF

Headphone Type: Dynamic+BA+Electrostatic+Bone Conduction Quadbrid IEMs

Driver Counts:   10 Drivers

Socket:   2-Pin Socket

Impedance:  14Ω

Frequency Response Range:  20Hz-70kHz

Crossover:  5-way Crossover

Configuration:  1 Dynamic Bass Driver + 2 BA Mid Drivers+ 2 BA treble Drivers + 4 EST Ultra-High Drivers+1 UM patent Silver-Palladium Alloy Piezoelectric Bone Conduction Driver

Cable: Cobalt Blue Custom Cable or Melon Red Custom Cable


Packaging And Accessories

Headphones:  One pair of MEST MKIII CF

Cable: Cobalt Blue Custom Cable or Melon Red Custom Cable

Case:  UM Geometrix Blue Box

Carrying Case:  Emerald Leather Case

Warranty Card: Warranty Card

Others:   Premium Gray Cleaning Pad

Eartips: Open Tips + Petal Tips  (S/M/L)

Protective Bag: Double Pocket Sandwich Net Bag


$ 1,919.00 - $ 2,359.00