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Compact and delicate sound quality, reflecting the aesthetic sense of space


Discover high fidelity sound with UM's patented PBVTU and multi-driver seamless technology.


Extreme detail

With Qualcomm® QCC5144 24bit/96kHz high resolution audio, aptX™ adaptive codec lets you hear extreme detail.

The Beauty of Space

PBVTU technology is used to enable you to experience an immersive VR sound environment.


Note: "PBVTU" is Piezoelectric Bone Vibration Transmission Unit.

U-Free Driver Configuration: High resistance and high magnet 10mm carbon nano Dynamic Driver + latest technology silver palladium bone conduction


  • U-Free is controlled by a high-resistance 10mm carbon nano diaphragm dynamic driver. The carbon nano material has the advantages in good electrical conductivity, light weight, deeper and wider in sound stage, and more natural sound.
  • 30mW double-balanced output device on the chip, delivers more power. It coupled with the patented piezoelectric bone conduction support, to achieve full frequency compensation.
  • Piezoelectric bone conduction -- Using the new PBVTU technology to make sound jump from air transmission and bone conduction transmission experience, so that you get immersive VR sound environment.


UM Smart Sound Application


Customize your Sound quality experience by downloading the UM Smart Sound app. Fine-tune your listening experience by customizing your favorite sounds using an integrated equalizer and a variety of presets.


Multiple sound modes, easy to switch, precise and easy to control


HIFI mode: The audio sampling rate reaches the highest, allowing you to instantly enter the immersive HIFI level loud field listening enjoyment.


Dynamic ANC mode: Intelligently control and isolate the noise intensity according to the ambient sound volume, so that you can enjoy the beautiful sound from the headset without increasing the pressure in the ear.


Ambient sound mode: Allows external sounds to enter, interact with the surrounding environment, and listen to what you want to hear.


Voice Assistance Mode:  In social settings, selectively enhance ambient sounds to facilitate listening and communication.


Clear Call

Each earbuds is equipped with advanced multi-direction microphones, so that he/she can only hear your voice while talking, not the surrounding noises.


The newest Qualcomm clear voice capture cVc technology: array intelligence accurately captures the user's sound source and remove the surrounding reverberation noise to achieve a high degree of restoration, accuracy and clarity of sound receiving and sending.



Wireless charging, support fast charging 

Battery life (noise cancelation on) ≈7+14h(earbuds + charging case)

Battery life (noise cancelation off) ≈8+16h(earbuds + charging case)


Comfortable Wearing

●UM Medical grade patent open eartips

New open eartips, umbrella shape 6-hole design, made of human skin friendly high transparent silica gel. Firm, fresh and comfortable to wear. Reduce the in-ear pressure, nearly non-touch wearing, which is the most comfortable and transparent listening experience.

●Intelligent ear detection

When you put on the earbud, the infrared sensor will turn on automatically. When you take off the earbud, the earbud will turn off automatically after a few seconds. 


With a comfortable ergonomic appearance, the earbuds’ shape fits the pinna.


U-Free has IPX5 sweat resistance and water resistance, no matter at home, on the road, commuting or during a sweaty workout. You don't need to worry about getting wet.




UM Smart Sound  Download








 UM Smart Sound App firmware files  


V2.3.8_64M_ClassAB   2023/11/02


V2.3.4(ClassAB) 2023/08/01

Repairing eq regulation has no effect on the right ear.


 V2.3.3ClassAB) 2023/06/19

Increase left and right power balance, add in ear detection parameter modification, optimize reset operation to prevent false touch, and optimize battery management


V4.3.3 (classAB) for samsung 2023/06/19


V2.2.5(classAB) has better sound quality but higher power consumption than V6.2.5 (classD)  2023/05/19