Piezoelectric ceramics + ring iron

Improved multi-layer printing process of piezoelectric ceramic unit, widened the frequency response range of earphone, rich details and unique listening feeling. Piezoelectric ceramics, moving iron, moving coil division of labor clear, coaxial acoustic output, accurate positioning.


  • Dear Unique Melody,

    I am considering getting MEST MKII and would like to talk to a representative over the phone to ask some general questions on the product and the moulding process. Is there any number I can call?

    I can be reached via Skype (rudolfbinder4) or WhatsApp (+436644449447) as well, feel free to get in touch with me.

    Best regards,
    Rudolf W. Binder

    Rudolf Wolfgang Binder
  • Hello, I just purchased a pair of Universal MEST’s and I would like to have a direct form of customer/technical support. I want to know if you recommend a certain type of Burning-In the Dynamic Driver? I am a novice audiophile and have a lot to learn, so, I would appreciate a direct form of contact and an an answer to my question about Burning-In procedures. I have heard so many positive things about these IEMs and I want to experience an optimal audio performance. I get them tomorrow and I am so stoked. - Brian

    Brian Smith
  • Greetings

    I’m from Audio 46 we are interested to be an Authorized dealer.

    Best regards,



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