UM Smart Sound App & firmware files


Fully supports the IOS  & Android Operating system




  ClassAB_v2.3.4                   2023/08/01


 ClassAB_v4.3.3 for Sumsung     2023/06/19


ClassAB_v2.3.3       2023/06/19

Increase left and right power balance, add in ear detection parameter modification, optimize reset operation to prevent false touch, and optimize battery management


ClassAB_v2.2.5            2023/05/19


ClassD_v6.2.5              2023/05/19


"ClassAB_v2.2.5" refers to a Class AB amplifier, while "ClassD_v6.2.5" refers to a Class D amplifier. Class AB amplifiers have better sound quality but slightly higher power consumption and shorter battery life.

"ClassAB" is the default firmware for the product.