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Unique melody has been building more extreme audio devices based on new technologies, new processes and new materials. In the headphone industry, we are an audio company that dares to innovate, to try, and to apply new technology.

At first, um started from scratch, through the headphone model, gained sufficient experience and technology, and established its own brand. With our experience and technology in sound and mold modification, we are constantly developing a number of popular headphone audio products at home and abroad with sound and ear structure as the research direction. For example, me. 1, a small flat-panel headset in the early years, has been continuously improved and broken through in technology. It uses different combinations of firmware and tuning, such as dynamic coil, dynamic iron, static electricity, bone conduction, etc., to form a unique audio style. It has new and innovative playing methods in both technology and tuning. For example, pp6 electronic frequency division + DSP developed by UM is a little-known technology, open cell TFAT technology and bone conduction technology, and earphones have been patented. In terms of materials, such as carbon fiber and titanium, the appearance technology is hard to reach in the industry.

Um, as an innovative manufacturer of earphones, has come to today. With a group of vigorous and energetic young people, we continue to create more unique earphone audio products with innovation, technology, new technology and new technology.

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